SUPERHERO TRUMP Luxury Men's Power T-Shirt

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"NEW" SUPERHERO TRUMP Men's Power Luxury T-Shirt 

Custom all-over print design includes 2 original TRUMP superhero crests with a FULL CAPE on the back. Honor our President as we look forward to celebrating a 2020 VICTORY! Wear Your Message and support FOUR MORE YEARS! 

NOTICE: Annonymous sources have reported that shirts from our luxury collection have triggered liberal tears and TDS episodes on the left, such as randomly screaming at the sky. 

This men’s t-shirt will be one of the best you’ll ever own and you'll have fun wearing it. Our shirt derives its softness from the composition, made of 95/5 jersey knit poly/spandex fabric. It's a standard fit, double-needle construction and each shirt is made of 22 recycled plastic bottles! 

NOTICE: Shipping - Each shirt is custom made for every order. From the fabric, cut and sewing, it is a high-quality custom process. Please note if for any reason the shirt does not meet the inspection for high quality, i.e. printing, cut wrong, etc..., the entire shirt will have to be completely remade. Please note that the shipping times to be expected will range from 15 - 35 days on average. Thank You.